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The End of Laundry

Forget, for a minute, about the end of work and the end of history. Imagine if you never had to fold laundry again. What would you do with the extra time? Move on to other chores? Spend more quality time with your family?

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Kids, Dinosaurs, and Planets

This title might look like a random list to some people, but to me they are related in the following way: After I had kids I became more interested in dinosaurs and planets. This in turn reminded me that knowledge is expanding and important for survival.

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Can You Organize Your Way to Happiness?

If you won the lottery, or made enough to retire tomorrow, what’s the first thing you would do?

Some common answers include, buy a flashy car, or buy a giant mansion. Personally, I wouldn’t do the first because I’m a terrible driver with no appreciation for cars, and I wouldn’t do the second because I don’t think it would make me that much happier, and then I would have to buy more things to fill it up.

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Too Cute to Eat!

How amazing are these Bento Box creations by Ming of They're so fun to look at. She writes:

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Should Online Invites Be Free?

Everyone loves free stuff. I do too!

In fact, the most popular online invitation service in the US offers free options, and that, along with their seniority, is why they are widely used. But the labor, web hosting, and maintenance that goes into an online invite has to be paid for by something. And 9 times out of 10, that something is ADS.

What's wrong with ads? If they make things free for me, they're actually good, right?

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