Forget, for a minute, about the end of work and the end of history. Imagine if you never had to fold laundry again. What would you do with the extra time? Move on to other chores? Spend more quality time with your family?

Someday this may actually be possible. Say hello to the Laundroid. Currently, the Laundroid can recognize, sort and fold individual garments. Ultimately, it hopes to wash, dry, and put clothes into a drawer. How cool is that?! Who wouldn’t want one?

I have actually grown to not mind laundry, although I wouldn’t say I like it. It’s kind of therapeutic in that it doesn’t involve a screen and allows me to reflect on things. There’s also something satisfying about creating an orderly stack of folded garments from a messy pile of clothes. But I wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate it, if I could.

Now imagine you never had to do any household chores at all, because in addition to the Roomba and the Laundroid, there is now a robot which can dust shelves, mop floors, clean bathrooms, make beds, and order food on a daily basis. Maybe Apple makes it and it’s called the iButler. Maybe it makes you feel like Lady Mary on Downton Abbey. In the future, our descendants might live like aristocrats, at least in terms of free time. Imagine if you were one of them, what would you do? Get your nails done? Pick up a new hobby, or double-down on your favorite one? Start a side business? Join a worthy cause? Watch cat videos on YouTube? Write a novel? Become an artist? Invent something amazing and become the next Thomas Edison? Take silly quizzes on Buzzfeed? Get up to level 600 on Candy Crush?

With more free time, some people might choose to relax and others might live up to their full potential. Some might do a little of both.

The possibilities are endless.

Image credit: Shin Sakane and Bloomberg