Recently, I was reading reviews of various online invite services, and came across this one:

I changed the time of the event two days after sending out the invitations, but (the online invite company) did NOT alert guests of the time change.
My guests arrived at the venue - which was not ready, and I was not there - two hours early. I was extremely embarrassed and worried that none of my kid's friends would return at the correct time. Luckily we have amazing friends and they all came back. (The online invite company), however, sucks!

Yikes. Using online invites is supposed to make guest tracking a breeze. But when they don't work as planned, they can cause a major headache. It's important to make sure that every scenario is covered. That's why we made sure our invites automatically update all guests whenever there is a time change. It's also why we tried to include as many useful features as we could.

Here are 7 features that we included, but others may have overlooked:

  1. Guests are automatically notified of any time change, so they won't show up at the wrong time!
  2. If you change the time, the reminders that are sent out to guests 2 days before the event, are also updated to accurately reflect this time change.
  3. If needed, registries, complete with links, can be added. See an example here.
  4. A final guest count is automatically sent to the host 2 days before the event.
    (So you don't even have to log back in!)
  5. Free matching, online thank you cards are included with each invitation.
    (So you don't have to buy paper thank you cards, although you still can if you like.)
  6. The ability to enlarge and zoom in on text, even on mobile devices.
  7. A simple, intuitive layout. No hard to find tabs or pop-up boxes.

The slideshow above shows what you and your guests will see in your inboxes. You can choose to be notified each time you receive a reply, or just wait for the summary. There are some minor differences in appearance for different email clients. The email client that comes with Apple products will add a slight drop-shadow to the body of the content, which makes it resemble a card. Email clients like Gmail and Yahoo do not add the drop-shadow.

Personally, I think it would be fun, innovative, and kind of futuristic to create more animated online invites. What are some of the features you like in online invitations? If you feel inclined, I would love to hear from you.