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Should Online Invites Be Free?

Everyone loves free stuff. I do too!

In fact, the most popular online invitation service in the US offers free options, and that, along with their seniority, is why they are widely used. But the labor, web hosting, and maintenance that goes into an online invite has to be paid for by something. And 9 times out of 10, that something is ADS.

What's wrong with ads? If they make things free for me, they're actually good, right?

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Why Design Matters

A lot of people put other things ahead of design. Things like, fear of change, fear of non-conformity, price, or even, anti-elitism. This is why, some badly designed products continue to be used. Because they've been around for years, because we're used to them, because our friends use them, because they're less expensive, because good design is too elitist and obscure.

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The Gift of Childhood

Have you ever bought your child an expensive toy, only to have her take more interest in the box than the toy? Or maybe watched him abandon his tricycle to play in a pile leaves for hours? Maybe the greatest gift of childhood is to find delight in the smallest of things. Not expensive things or rare things, just ordinary things.

When your child grows up, what would you like her to remember? Family vacations, birthdays and bedtime stories might spring to mind. Or maybe just a general feeling of warmth and happiness.

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The Respectable Effort Party

A few moms have told me that they decided not to throw a birthday party for their child. Some of them said, they no longer look at Pinterest, because it makes them feel inadequate. So I know that just because I enjoy coming up with novel treat ideas doesn't mean that everyone does. The last thing I want to do is perpetuate unrealistic standards for birthday parties or baby showers. Or for anything, actually.

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How Online Invites can Make (or Break) a Party

Recently, I was reading reviews of various online invite services, and came across this one:

I changed the time of the event two days after sending out the invitations, but (the online invite company) did NOT alert guests of the time change.
My guests arrived at the venue - which was not ready, and I was not there - two hours early. I was extremely embarrassed and worried that none of my kid's friends would return at the correct time. Luckily we have amazing friends and they all came back. (The online invite company), however, sucks!

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