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Pet Moon Rock Treats

My 4 year old son is crazy about planets, especially the ones in our solar system. So last month, I made some Pet Moon Rock treats for his planet-themed birthday. Here's what I did.

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Childrens' Books

Children's books make delightful gifts and the illustrations are fantastic. Here are a few with fun, whimsical styles. I especially love the fresh and unexpected color palette of the first image, by Hsinping Pan.

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A Parent's Review of Pokémon GO

Catch that Jigglypuff! If you're over the age of 30, you might have read about the silliness surrounding Pokémon GO over the last few weeks and shook your head. I know I did. But then, I considered the likelihood of my eldest son becoming a gamer, and thought I may as well find out what the big deal was.

In a nutshell, the idea behind the game is kind of genius. The main drawbacks have to do with other factors, like the weather outside, the reliability of GPS on your phone, and intermittent freezing, perhaps due to overloaded servers.

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Star Wars-Mania

Star Wars is back! Thanks to The Force Awakens, Star Wars is now the theme of practically every kid's birthday party, girl or boy. (Go Rey!)

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Cozy Macrames

Macrames are decorative pieces made of wool or string. They lend a cozy, comforting vibe to any room. Above are some lovely ones I found on Etsy.

The first is from Tent Vintage, the next two from Buttermilk Design, and the last colorful, geometric ones are from Kate and Feather. I'm definitely thinking of picking one up for our house :)

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