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Tidying & Decorating

Is home decorating really that important? How about tidying? While many people would consider these things trivial, according to a recent book I read, called "The Live-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo, the answer is actually YES.

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Designing for Minted has its advantages. One is, I receive a few coupons each year that give me substantial discounts off of any of their products. After browsing their art selection, I realized that I really, really like photography. When it comes to home decorating, I love the idea of a large statement piece of art or photography serving as an interesting focal point. Swapping it out with another photo can also lend the room a whole new vibe. The slideshow above contains a few of my favorites. They include:


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Gem + Mineral 2015 Wall Calendar

Finally, after a year of browsing, I have found a replacement for my 2013 Indigo Bunting calendar.

I framed each month, just as shown in the photo, so I ideally, I wanted another series of 8 x 10 calendar prints to replace it.

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Pencils of Promise

This holiday season, 10% of profits from my stationery earnings will go to Pencils of Promise, a Non-Profit dedicated to creating schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of education for all.

I hope customers will be pleased knowing that some of their money will be going to this great cause!

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Washi Tape Round-Up

I am a collector of washi tape.

For some reason, I can't help buying those little rolls whenever I find them in a unique design!

Recently I came across Etsy Store SwanstonStSupplies and found these gems:

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