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Star Wars-Mania

Star Wars is back! Thanks to The Force Awakens, Star Wars is now the theme of practically every kid's birthday party, girl or boy. (Go Rey!)

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Cozy Macrames

Macrames are decorative pieces made of wool or string. They lend a cozy, comforting vibe to any room. Above are some lovely ones I found on Etsy.

The first is from Tent Vintage, the next two from Buttermilk Design, and the last colorful, geometric ones are from Kate and Feather. I'm definitely thinking of picking one up for our house :)

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Tidying & Decorating

Is home decorating really that important? How about tidying? While many people would consider these things trivial, according to a recent book I read, called "The Live-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo, the answer is actually YES.

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Designing for Minted has its advantages. One is, I receive a few coupons each year that give me substantial discounts off of any of their products. After browsing their art selection, I realized that I really, really like photography. When it comes to home decorating, I love the idea of a large statement piece of art or photography serving as an interesting focal point. Swapping it out with another photo can also lend the room a whole new vibe. The slideshow above contains a few of my favorites. They include:


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Gem + Mineral 2015 Wall Calendar

Finally, after a year of browsing, I have found a replacement for my 2013 Indigo Bunting calendar.

I framed each month, just as shown in the photo, so I ideally, I wanted another series of 8 x 10 calendar prints to replace it.

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