1. Q: How long will it take for my card or invitation to send?
    A: Under 10 minutes. If your card or invite has not arrived in 10 minutes, please let us know.
  2. Q: Will you send me emails?
    A: Aside from cards or invitations, no. We take your privacy seriously and will not send you unsolicited emails. If you choose to sign up for our newsletter, we will send you emails containing helpful tips and special deals which we hope will be of value to you.
  3. Q: How do you accept payments for premium online invites?
    A: We use Paypal, which is very secure and accepts all major credit cards as well Paypal accounts. We do not store any of your payment information, so it won't be compromised on our server.
  4. Q: Do you issue refunds?
    A: Yes! We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are unsatisfied, please contact us for a refund.
  5. Q: Do I have to create an account and log in to send a card or invitation?
    A: Yes. (This is the only way we can save your cards and invitations for future use.)
    To create an account or log in, please click on ACCOUNT at the top right.
  6. Q: What should I do if I receive a blank page on your site?
    A: Sometimes a blank page comes up after logging in. Try refreshing and the site should come back right away.
  7. Q: How do I send an online card or invitation?
    A: Please follow these steps:
    1. Click on account at the top right, and set up an account.
    2. After logging, in, hover over account at any time and a link to the same page called: Send a Card or Invite will appear.
    3. Links to create any designs you have purchased will appear on the page: Send a Card or Invite.
    4. A link to create free designs will also appear on the page: Send a Card or Invite.
    5. Please note: the page: Send a Card or Invite can only be viewed after logging in.
  8. Q: How many individual cards or invitations can I create and send?
    A: After purchasing a premium online invite, you have 2 months to create as many invitations and thank you cards as you like. For example, you can send 30 guests their own thank you cards, each with a personalized message. Or, you could send 1 card to 30 people. Whichever you prefer. There is no time limit on free invites and cards. All cards and invitations will be automatically deleted 2 months after sending.
  9. Q: How can I view my previous cards & invitations?
    A: After logging in, you can hover over the account button in the top menu and 2 links called: Previous Online Invites and Previous Online Cards will appear.
  10. Q: How will I be notified of RSVPs?
    A: There are a few ways.
    1. 2 days before the event, you will receive an email with a guest headcount and a summary of all replies.
      You don't even have to log back in after you send your invite!
    2. You can log in at any time, hover over account and go to Previous Online Invites.
      In the RSVPs column on the right, there are links called See Details. These will take you to a summary of RSVPs for each invite.
    3. On the same page: Previous Online Invites, you can visit your invite and see the headcount at the bottom of the invite.
      You can also click on the link, also at the bottom of the invite, called: See comments and detailed results.
    4. When creating or updating to the invite, you can opt to receive an email each time a guest replies.
      (This is good for keeping on top of things, but not the best option if you are inviting hundreds of guests.)
    5. When creating or updating to the invite, you can opt to display the headcount, replies and comments on the invite itself.
      This means that guests will also be able to see the results, and they will be public.
      You will therefore be able to visit the invite without logging in, and see the results.
  11. Q: Where is my shopping cart?
    A: At any time, you can hover over the SHOP button in the top menu and a link to your Shopping Cart will appear.
  12. Q: How can I contact you?
    A: At any time, you can hover over the ABOUT button in the top menu and a link to an email form called Contact Us will appear.
  13. Q: How do I log in?
    A: Click on account at the top right, or hover over account and a link called Log In will appear.
  14. Q: How do I log out?
    A: While still logged in, hover over account at the top right and and a link called Log Out will appear.
  15. Q: Are you open to partnerships with other designers?
    A: Yes. We would love to carry your design in the form of an online card or invitation!
    Designers and Artists are free to set their own pricing (up to $10 per card or invite,) create a bio. page, and be included in a directory. A percentage will be deducted from each transaction to cover marketing, technical support and web hosting, and the rest will go to the Artist/Designer. Artists and Designers will also retain full rights over any work they submit, and can opt to simultaneously sell elsewhere, or withdraw at any time.
    If you are interested, feel free to contact us for more details.