Is Party Planning Making You Stressed?

You'd like to throw a fun party, but honestly, you already have enough on your plate.
Don't worry. Here is a step by step guide and some organization tools to keep you on track.

At least one month in advance ...

  1. If you need to, shift your mindset. Let go of perfection! It's a form of procrastination that will only paralyze you. As Sheryl Sandberg once said,

    Done is better than perfect.

    If you are creative, focus your effort on a few things, like favors and decorations. But don't worry about getting everything perfect. That will drive you crazy.

  2. Download one of our checklists. They are convenient fillable forms, that you can print out and take with you.
  3. Decide on a theme.
  4. Use online invitations to make guest tracking easy. Ours have unique organization features, such as:
    • The option to receive a running tally of who's coming, after each RSVP
    • A summary of who's coming, sent to you automatically, 2 days before the event, so you don't even have to log in
    • A notification of any time or date change, sent to all guests automatically, so they won't show up at the wrong time
    • The option to add registries, complete with links.
    • And much more ...
  5. Shop for party supplies. We have a directory here.

    A week before the party ...

  6. Order the cake and the food, if you are having it catered.

    A few days before the party ...

  7. Assemble any favors, so you don't have to stay up late the night before.

    The night before the party ...

  8. Assemble everything you will need and cross it off the checklist. If the venue is not at your house, pack everything and put in your car.

    An hour before the event ...

  9. Set tables, lay out the spread, and put up decorations.
  10. Enjoy!