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Shape-o-saur: Corythosaurus

A treat-bag eating Corythosaurus in a graphic, mid-century style. Choose from three colors and a variety of envelopes with lovely gold foil seals. Free thank you cards are included for gracious hosts. Perfect for young dinosaur lovers or birthdays at the local zoo or nature conservatory.

  • See an invitation demo in each color:
  • See a thank you card demo in each color:
  • The option to turn off ads
  • A variety of envelopes and fun embellishments such as seals and washi tape
  • Ability to go back and add additional guests or resend to all guests after creating
  • Optimization for mobile phones
  • Easy guest management
    • RSVP Summary emailed to host 2 days before the event
      So after sending, you do not have to log back in or even return to the site!
      Unless you need more detail, you are done.
    • Email reminders for all guests (except for those who decline) 2 days before the event
    • Option to receive an email notification for each RSVP
    • Detailed RSVP results available when logged in
    • Option to hide or display guest count and replies on invitation
    • Tracking for both children and adults
  • Integration with Google maps
  • Add to calendar functionality for Google and iCal (iCal works only for future events)
  • Subtle background and animation for visual flair
  • Invitation delivery in under 15 minutes
Price: $0.00